Our Initiatives

YES, we care!

YES, we are called to action!

YES, we feel connected to our community!

We feel a strong sense of commitment to our society.  Our YES initiatives target Youth, Education, and Sport.


BCTD recognizes the importance of investing in our youth and engaging their attention. For that reason, we support initiatives such as the Pantempters Steel Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, which is a strong exemplar of a skill building program for Belize’s youth where their boundless energy gets funneled.


The unemployment rate for women in Belize is almost three times higher than men although women are obtaining higher education in larger numbers. Entrepreneurship is therefore a viable avenue for employment and lifting women out of poverty. However, women entrepreneurs need support as they must overcome many challenges to successfully grow their businesses. Dr. Myvett, the President of BCTD, leads various initiatives to support women entrepreneurs. Her appointment as Belize Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador and the Belize Facilitator for the World Bank funded WINC Acceleration Program have forged new grounds in the entrepreneurship sector in Belize with the annual LeadHerShip Conference, organized by BCTD, being the leading networking event for women entrepreneurs.


BCTD supports talented young people whose athletic prowness is utilized as a springboard for realizing their life’s dream.  Recognizing that female sports in Belize needs greater focus, BCTD embraces opportunities to support atheletic females in their sport of choice.



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